Another Doosan DA30 Agitator to EHM

A second Doosan DA30 concrete agitator for Glencore at the Ernest Henry Mine (EHM) following the success of the first machine delivered in March 2017, which has clocked up over 12,500 hours during that time, replacing the last of the old MT31 series of Doosan’s delivered several years ago.

EHM management have been impressed with the reliability of the previous DA30, as well as the after sales support provided by ADT WA, hence the purchase of another machine.

The updated features of the new machine will provide even further operational and maintenance advantages with these including:

  • Upgraded monitor panel with larger indicators and transmission oil level check
  • Self-levelling, hydraulic cylinder and accumulator controlled front suspension
  • Both front and rear differentials now limited slip, no buttons to be pressed to engage
  • Cab hand grab rails inside and out
  • Upgraded driveline with increased power and torque capacity
  • Generation 2 transmission, with synthetic oil extending oil change intervals to 4000 hours
  • Retarder modulation control on steering column, giving 4 retarder power options
  • Cab lifting now easier with self-locating mounts and bolts on the front mounts

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