Hydrema 912FS-Rail Into The Pilbara

We are pleased to recently deliver two fully AS7502 compliant Hydrema 912FS-Rail Hi-rail articulated dump trucks to a key customer in the Pilbara. Both machines were commissioned with various customer specific options including a cab pressuriser and DoT license (allowing the machine to be driven on public roads without a load). To begin with the machines will be utilised in a drain cleaning program. We currently have 912FS-Rail units in stock, so contact us to arrange a time to check them out.


The Hydrema 912FS-Rail is a specially designed compact articulated dump truck for rail work both on and off rail, which focuses on high performance, stability, safety and operator comfort.

Some key features include:

  • 10 tonne capacity
  • Factory manufactured rail system
  • Multitip with 180 degree tipping range
  • Easily switched between on and off rail
  • Works in both high rail (type 2a) and low rail (type 3)

For more information on thew 912FS-Rail, follow the link: https://www.adtaustralia.com.au/product/hydrema-912fs-rail-articulated-dump-truck/