Hydrema 922 4×4 & Paload PT1102 Demo

Some images from our demo of the Hydrema 922 4×4 fitted with a Bredal K115 and the Paload PT1102 extendable boom wheel loader.

Some basic 922F 4×4 info:

  1. 218 kW/300Hp engine with 1044 Nm of torque
  2. 6 speed forward and 3 speed reverse transmission, with maximum speed of 50 kmh forward & 31 kmh reverse
  3. Front axle suspension
  4. Factory fitted Bredal with load cells

Additionally, now we’ve had the machine on demo we have some very promising numbers:

  • Fuel usage; 14.5 litres per hour
  • Average spreading speed/coverage:
    • Gypsum 25-30 hectares per hour
    • Lime 20-25 hectares per hour
    • Ammonia 75 hectares per hour




Check the 922F 4×4 specification drawing here: 15925YY – 922F-4×4 Bredal

Check the full 922F specifications here: https://www.moxy-wa.com.au/product/hydrema-922f-articulated-dump-truck/

Check the full PT1102 specifications here: https://www.moxy-wa.com.au/product/paload-pt1102/